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  1. ishfaq afridi : Dear Sir, I Want this software. how can i get this i
  2. Dr.Rakesh : i want complete details of tempraz softwer
  4. DR ABIZAR UMRETHWALA : it is good reportery
  5. Ilena Abati : Dear Sirs,I would like to kindly request and inform you
  6. shivakumar : whether tempraz is part of hompath software. cost of hompath
  7. Candace Benyei : What is happening with the software???? I have over 15 year
  8. elena cecchetto : My akiva program has randomly stopped opening saying that it
  9. Arnie Bergman : Are we intending to include radionics software in this list?
  10. Dr.T.srujana BHMS : Sir, please the information regarding..... Dr.Profull vijaye
  11. Dr.T.srujana BHMS : please send details about the PSES software , how much its c
  12. arshad : I WISH TO TRY YOUR TEMPRAZ – Temperament Expert System,
  13. dr. ravi bhandare : resp sir, i want know about different packages of mac,
  14. Rajesh Malaviya : Very interested to buy mac-RE. give me its various different
  15. dr jignesh hirapara : I need predictive acute expert system by dr prafull vijayaka
  16. zakir hossain : i can use/read the book.
  17. SOMESH DUGGAL : Wish to purchase the software. Want a trial version.
  18. abhijeet range : I want this software but I have a android tablet how can I d
  19. Prof. S P Pandey : "Top 10 Homoeopathic Medicines" is interesting.
  20. zakir hossain : Dear Sir,Thank you very much for your support. I feel, thing
  21. Dr U Srinivasa Rao : same above
  22. Dr U Srinivasa Rao : please send all details about hompath software and price and
  23. Dr. Anil Singhal : Dear SophieYou can order Mercurius online http://www.mer
  24. dr rajiv : i would like to know the price and communication address.
  25. Hompath : we have a wide range of softwares available with us to suit
  26. Hompath : @Dr.misbahuddin khan-You can give me a call on +91 808092334
  27. Hompath : @ Varun : Dear Varun, Hompath having wide range of homeopath
  28. dr madan badiwale : please tell me how i can purchase it
  29. abhayraj jadhav : please send indian price list of hompath software
  30. abhayraj jadhav : please send price list of homoeopath software india
  31. sumit punyal : how much cost of this software ?
  32. PS Bumra : The CD of "The Gift of Homeopathy" was given to me when I di
  33. dr prashant : r ur softwares compatible with android that i can in
  34. Conny Robbens : Hello, I've paid my fee last year as a student. My computer
  35. Conny Robbens : Hello, I've paid my fee last year but my computer crashed.
  36. Neopets : Great website. Lots of useful information here. I am sending
  37. JP : Plz send price list of all homeo softwares and features.
  38. dr misbahuddin khan : Sir, I´m very interested in your softwhare (PAES).I would
  39. varun : i am interasted to use your software and i request give any
  40. Dr.Santanu Ghosh : Please send detail price of your Software in Indian price.
  41. Dr S Kumar : HiI felt this1. Hompath 2. RADARas i have not u
  42. dr.s.badlani : Plz send detail about software.thankyou.
  43. FLORIS Sophie : Hi, Where can I buy Mercurius ??! Thanks a lot ! SF
  44. hahwan : good day how much is it basic radar10 by using dr luc sch
  45. ijaz : yes for purchase
  46. shivani lakhtakia : Sir, Kindly tell the cost of PAES.How can we get it? thank
  47. Rakibul : Your Software Cost please
  48. Dr. Priyanka : How to buy it?? What is the cost of this???
  49. Nayem : how download site HOMPATH soft
  50. dr.munir : i want to download free homoeopathic software. plz guide me
  51. Anthony Le Vannais : I have been waiting 12 Months for Hompath to fix the problem
  52. Anthony : I have had nothing but problems trying to get hompath to rep
  53. Dr. Anil Singhal : Dear Boaz thanks visiting this site on homeopathic softwares
  54. Boaz Achilea : Thank you for posting that!
  55. Boaz Achilea : Dear Dr. Anil Singhal, Thank you for posting that! I'm KHA
  56. Dr. Himanshu Purohit : I want 2 buy this software so tell me how to buy?
  57. Dr. Anil Singhal : Thank you very much Dr. Jaishree for your support. I feel, t
  58. Dr. Jaishree Bhardwaj : I remember meeting and interacting with David, when I too wa
  59. Dr.Sonali Bhonsle : Yongster will surely like to buy it but costing is the issue
  61. Dr Amit Vora : Dear Dr Anil Singhal,Congratulations for designing this uniq
  62. sneha : i like it
  63. Dr.Junaid Pakistan : what is the cost of this software
  64. Adelaida Schramel : I have to say that for the past few of hours i have been hoo
  65. Dr. Carlos Antunes : Dear Dr. Anil, I´m very interested in your softwhare (PAES
  66. d k das : need a repertory software covering atleast kent's and three
  69. George : pl give soft ware for medicine
  70. jyoti rana : nice repertory
  71. Dr. Nisha Desai : what is the cost of this software?
  72. badar : good approach towards homeopathy
  73. Saeid Jabbary : This is Great Work! for research and visit the patients. tha
  74. Dr.Ramakanta Sahoo : I need homoeoathic software for treatment.
  75. jimmy : estudiante de homeopatiaestudiante de homeopatia (in Spa
  76. Dr. Anil Singhal MD(Homeo) : I thank you Edwin van Grinsven for this update. Warm regard
  77. Dr. Anil Singhal MD(Homeo) : Dear Dr Deepak Ji, please go to
  78. Edwin van Grinsven : The download link on this page is no longer correct. Go to
  79. Deepak N. Ubha : I would like to download free ver. of CD
  80. Dr.Shailendra Kumar : its terrific.
  81. Km Enaml Haqe : good
  82. Dr. Lalan Prosad Majumder : If it is said in a word,*EXCELLENT*.
  83. Dr. Lalan Prosad Majumder : All softwares are informative and good.
  84. Dr. Anil Singhal MD(Homeo) : Dear Dr Rana, if you have MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks ho
  85. Dr.Firoj Rana : i want activation code for this software.
  87. Dr. Anand Dhoot : sir, don't have any trial version of this software
  88. Dr. Pradeep Patil : what is the cost of this software and how can i purchase it
  89. K.S.VERMA : How to decide without contents details about software
  90. Dr. Shweta Bairagi : nice effort...
  91. Dr. Anil Singhal MD(Homeo) : Dear Dr. Dinesh Kumar, thanks visiting homeopathic software
  92. Dr. Anil Singhal MD(Homeo) : Dear Iqbal, thanks visiting homeopathic software website - h
  93. Dr. Anil Singhal MD(Homeo) : Dear George, thanks visiting homeopathic software portal - h
  94. George : Hello, i think that i saw you visited my weblog thus i came
  95. Iqbal : I am a homoeopathic physician. Doing regular pratice in Bang
  96. dr.dinesh kumar : i want to download this software
  97. Dr. Anil Singhal MD(Homeo) : Dear Dr AzharYou can purchase the Dr. Prafull Vijayakar
  98. Dr. Anil Singhal MD(Homeo) : Dear Dr Sayeed Ahmad JiThanks visiting this site.You
  99. Dr. Anil Singhal MD(Homeo) : Dear Dr Gupta, if you are already using the Hompath software
  100. Dr. Anil Singhal MD(Homeo) : Thank you Dr Vishakha visiting Homeopathic Softwares website
  101. AZHAR : Dear DrHow i can have this system in PAKISTAN .Is there
  102. Dr. Sayeed Ahmad : Dear Sir -- I am glad to see the details about your software
  103. O.P. Gupta : Head liners are attractive, but without reading some part of
  104. Dr. Vishakha : HiCan you tell if it is possible to shift case records f

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