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RadarOPUS – indispensable tool for homeopathic practice

RadarOpus homeopathic software is unique – a Single Intuitive Interface for everything a busy homeopath needs: Repertory, Materia Medica, Patient Files. All the essentials combined in a single homeopathic software program — Revolutionary! RadarOpus is a brand new software program, engineered from the ground up using the very latest in technology.

The software is available in both Macintosh and Windows-native versions, and in a variety of packages to suit every need.

With built-in translation capability, an internet browser and integrated patient-management capabilities, the elegance and simplicity of RadarOpus make it the most accessible homeopathic software program ever!

With RadarOpus there’s nothing to export, import, copy, or paste; no switching back and forth from one program to another. Simply type a word or phrase, click, and your RadarOpus program returns a list of results from your preferred list of sources!

* Native Mac and PC versions
* Synthesis Repertory & the unique Veterinary Synthesis
* Back & Forward buttons; history recall
* Multiple simultaneous repertory views
* Unlimited clipboards allow simultaneous analyses
* Built-in Internet browser

And there’s even more!

* One-click screenshot for sharing and archiving
* Full book-marking and hyper-linking
* Language tools include automatic translation
* Live updates with certified information
* Integrated distance-learning center


Even further dynamic features of RadarOpus are under development.
These will be delivered via LIVE UPDATE as soon as they become available.

Dr. Anil Singhal

RadarOPUS – indispensable tool for homeopathic practice
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Last updated on January 19th, 2012 at 6:53 am.
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3 Responses to “RadarOPUS – indispensable tool for homeopathic practice”

  1. Dr. Vishakha :


    Can you tell if it is possible to shift case records from previous versions of RADAR to RadarOpus?

  2. Dr. Anil Singhal MD(Homeo) :

    Thank you Dr Vishakha visiting Homeopathic Softwares website.

    You can import your cases from your current RADAR version to RadarOpus. There’s no need to start over with your cases. RadarOpus is designed to work with any of previous versions.

    Enjoy homeopathic softwares in your practice.

  3. abhijeet range :

    I want this software but I have a android tablet how can I download it and it can play on android

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