27 homeopathic repertories in MacRepertory

MacRepertory program from Kent Homeopathic Associates (KHA) of USA is having an extensive list of 27 homeopathic repertories as add-on in your MacRepertory software.

All homeopathy reperory books listed below are in English. These Homeopathic Repertories can be added to your MacRepertory Program and you can repertorise your patient’s case records with rubrics from one or many of homeopathic repertories:

  1. Allen’s Repertory
  2. Bach Mind Repertory
  3. Bach/Kent Mind Repertory
  4. Boenninghausen Repertory
  5. Boericke’s Repertory
  6. Boger’s Synoptic Key Rep
  7. Clarke’s Repertory
  8. Complete 2010
  9. Eizayaga’s Repertory
  10. Family Rep (Warkentin’s)
  11. Humphrey’s Sexual Repertory
  12. Jahr’s Repertory
  13. Knerr’s Repertory
  14. Marsh’s Clinical Drug Rep
  15. Massimo’s Clinical Rep II
  16. Mirilli’s Repertory
  17. Murphy’s Medical Repertory III
  18. Robert’s Repertory
  19. Rozenwajg’s Gemmotherapie Repertory
  20. Scholten’s Thematic Repertory
  21. Tarkas-Kulkarni’s Aids Repertory
  22. Tarkas-Kulkarni’s Diabetes Repertory
  23. Tarkas-Kulkarni’s Thyroid Repertory
  24. Tarkas-Kulkarni’s Trauma Repertory
  25. Vega’s Boxes Repertory II
  26. Ward’s Repertory
  27. Welte’s Color Repertory



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