Fate of David Warkentin’s MacRepertory homeopathic software

I love MacRepertory homeopathic software program. It was amazing, really innovative, user-friendly, fast and developed for homeopathic doctors by David Kent Warkentin of USA. I met him many times in New Delhi when I was working on the Phoenix Repertory project with Dr. JPS Bakshi. David used to visit India during winter breaks.

I do admit that I learned a lot interacting with David Warkentin. He left us for his final abode from this earth in September 2010. That was a shocking news I received then from my friend Dr. Bakshi. What will happen with MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks program being developed by him under his company name Kent Homeopathic Associates. This was the question in my mind.

Now, after one and a half year of his passing away, I came across with certain facts that the popularity of MacRepertory is reducing day by day and people have lost the interest.

In Sept. 2010, people googled “David Warkentin” worldwide as clearly seen in the picture:

MacRepertory homeopathic software is really a versatile computer program, and it is loosing its interest in people in last 1 1/2 years. And, I can see that the interest for MacRepertory is really dying:

I know Indian homeopathic teachers like Late Dr. Jugal Kishore Sahib and Late Dr. D. P. Rastogi Sahib used to swear by its potential in homeopathy.

And, I know Dr Rajan Sankaran who is a famous International homeopathic teacher in India is avidly using MacRepertory homeopathic software in his clinic and his teaching programs.

Can we do something to save this well appreciated MacRepertory homeopathic program or it will be an history one day…


I feel the homeopathic fraternity would remain indebted to David for his marvelous innovation – MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks.

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  1. I remember meeting and interacting with David, when I too was working at Holistic. Really sad to know that such an outstanding & innovative software developed by him is no longer holding the interest of homeopaths..I think sir if we can create more and more awareness about MacRepertory homeopathic software among the homeopathic fraternity we will be doing our bit in saving David’s marvelous innovation – MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks. You have already taken a step by sharing this link, please let me know if I can be of help in any way for this noble work.

  2. Thank you very much Dr. Jaishree for your support. I feel, things change when you leave this world. In a way it is right, the next generation has to decide. And, thank you for all the help I received from you while working on the Phoenix and Manuals. Regards.

  3. Dear Dr. Anil Singhal,
    Thank you for posting that!
    I’m KHA sales manager for India and Asia and I intend to do my uttermost to bring MacRepertory & ReferenceWorks to the awareness and use of as many homeopaths as possible.
    After Dr. Sankaran took over the company and the responsibility of keeping David’s legacy alive, I’m sure that hundreds of thousands of homeopaths around the world will benefit from the use of these ground-breaking software.
    David’s legacy will continue and its impact will remain as the spearhead of homeopathic technology and innovation.
    Kind regards,
    Boaz Achilea

  4. Dear Boaz thanks visiting this site on homeopathic softwares.

    In the first week of April, I wanted to write something on Hahnemann’s Birthday.

    While thinking and collecting my ideas, I came across some astonishing facts about David and MacRepertory, and I wrote and posted this article.

    I mentioned about Dr Sankaran in this post, and after 2 months I recd. the news that Dr Rajan Sankaran is supporting The David’s Legacy.

    Well, I remained in touch with David (through JP) more than 20 years. He was a great soul here.

    Warm regards

    Dr Anil Singhal

  5. The CD of “The Gift of Homeopathy” was given to me when I did my DHM with “The British Institute of Homeopathy” in 1997.

    I never had the occasion to use this Software in my practice. I found this CD in my books recently and tried to use it. But I could not make it work. I would like to know whether there is an upgrade to this Software with instructions to use this software?

    Sincerely: PS Bumra

  6. Dear Sir,Thank you very much for your support. I feel, things change when you leave this world. In a way it is right, the next generation has to decide. And, thank you for all the help I received from you while working on the Phoenix and Manuals. Regards.


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