Vithoulkas Compass – an online homeopathy software

I believe this is the 21st centaury concept of softwares that is cloud computing. You do not need to buy, download, upload, install any software. You need to have a console so that you can access your data from any where and any time in this universe. And, homeopathic softwares companies are coming forward to provide such facilities to homeopathic physicians worldwide.

Vithoulkas Compass is such an online concept of homeopathy software.

Vithoulkas Compass (VC) is a next generation expert system which is designed to effectively support practitioners of classical homeopathy in deciding which remedy to prescribe to their patients.

Vithoulkas Compass incorporates several features and tools that make the practice of homeopathy not only easier and more successful but also a constant learning experience. The expert system emulates the thinking process of a master homeopath in many ways.

The analysis of thousands of real cases and guidance by Professor George Vithoulkas have resulted in a performance which is clearly above anything previously available. VC is a web-based application which can be accessed from a variety of web-capable devices, with no need for any software download or installation. It is a live system which will be constantly improved based upon analysis of the results of the users and ongoing research into the complex nature of homeopathy.

Some salient features of Vithoulkas Compass online homeopathy software

– Advanced expert system based on groundbreaking research in homeopathic prescribing – The result of our work with George Vithoulkas and a team of mathematicians and homeopaths makes us proud. The very high accuracy, but also the possibilities for continuous optimization using user feedback are what makes VC different.

– Differential analysis mode guides the practitioner in asking questions to confirm remedies – A feature which helps clear cases even when repertorisation is not 100% perfect. Includes the possibility to compare any remedies, even confining the search to specific repertory chapters.

– Confirmed repertory, constantly being updated – Based on Kent’s repertory and incorporating additions and corrections by George Vithoulkas and few selected authors. Clear pictures of remedies, confirmed against real world cases for the accurate representation of keynotes and characteristic symptoms. Developed for maximum reliability and not maximum size.

– Live system operated by a capable organization supporting it and constantly developing and improving it – VC is updated in every aspect (repertory, functionality, online content) every few weeks, taking into account ongoing research and user feedback. While the VC core module and functionality has been completed, some very important features, including an acute pathologies module, will come online in the following few months.

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