Cough & Cold Prescriber by Dr. Rajesh Shah

Cough & Cold Prescriber homeopathic software program by Dr. Rajesh Shah is made for the professional use and it is presumed that the use is familiar with the fundamental principles of homeopathic medicine, the philosophy, materia medica and the concept of the repertory.

It is a good tool for the health professionals as well as the general public who would like to have a start with homeopathy as a health alternative.

This program should be considered as a helping tool in the practice and not as a substitute for the medical literature in general and the homeopathic training in particular.

Dr. Rajesh Shah, who is a leading practitioner and an educationist in the homeopathic field, has designed this program. After treating thousands of cases of Cough & Cold, he has translated his approach to the case in this software. It is a practice-based program for day to day use. The very purpose of making this software is to facilitate the treatment of cough and cold, to offer a proper approach in the case study and to promote the role of homeopathy for such treatment.

Dr Shah offers a complete evaluation copy for a free download. This is a fully functional version for first 21 days. This download will work with all the features, without any restriction, for a limited period, giving you a choice to register after a fair trial. (This software is getting evolved, all the features may not be complete at this moment.)

The said software of Cough & Cold is intended to be used by the practitioners of homeopathy, who know the principles of homeopathy and medicine. This software is not an alternative to the medical knowledge. The use of the program depends on the individual efficiency. After using this product, if one uses the treatment suggested by the program, it is solely at the user’s risk. The writer and the developers of the program bear no responsibility of any nature for the results of the use of the software. The moment you download or use the software, it is understood that you are made aware of this disclaimer and you agree to the conditions laid down for its use.


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