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A set of instructions that cause a computer to perform one or more tasks. The set of instructions is often called a program or, if the set is particularly large and complex, a system. Computers cannot do any useful work without instructions from software; thus a combination of software and hardware (the computer) is necessary to do any computerized work.

There are many homeopathic softwares available to aid in prescribing an appropriate homeopathic remedy.

Boenninghausen’s Repertory in MacRepertory homeopathic software enlisted 436 homeopathic medicines. These are top 10 homeopathic remedies as per total number of rubrics covered from Boenninghausen’s Repertory.

List of homeopathic softwares (Homeopathic software)
Homeopathy is a system for treating disease based on the administration of minute doses of a drug that in massive amounts produces symptoms in healthy individuals similar to those…

There are many homeopathic softwares available in the market. Some are free and some are paid. If you want to buy a homeopathy software, a newbie finds a problem…

I feel “Marketing” is such a difficult job that usually makes software developers perplexed, and you need to have some agency to market your software products in different geographical…

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