Vithoulkas Expert System in RADAR

The Vithoulkas Expert System (VES) was created in collaboration with world-renowned homeopath, George Vithoulkas. VES duplicates his unique thought process in symptom analysis and remedy s election, working with the Synthesis repertory in RADAR. VES uses all the principles and understanding that George uses himself and it does so every second the System is computing.

The Vithoulkas Expert System interprets a homeopath’s input to suggest which remedy questions should be asked, and it further orients their study of materia medica. VES then arrives at just one, possibly surprising, result. That result takes into account ALL the patient’s symptoms and is based on a consideration of ALL the remedies – whether they are the better known polychrests or a rare remedy which figures only once in a rubric.

“In fact, the system is so powerful that George Vithoulkas uses it himself. By employing this invaluable tool, his own success in prescribing has increased from the 80% – 85% level to an astounding 90% – 95%”, says creators of the program.

As a general rule, VES considers mind symptoms to be more important than local ones. But there are cases in which it may ignore such symptoms in favor of some prominent local keynotes. Many different principles and possibilities are used to decide when this particular decision is applied. You don’t have to pre-s elect particular symptoms before using the Expert System. The VES takes care of this itself by using ALL the symptoms and s electing the most appropriate rubrics. Every time you add a new symptom, VES re-evaluates the whole case and gives you a full, completely new analysis.

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