Dr. Prafull Vijayakar’s Acute Expert System – PAES

Hompath has recently released Dr. Prafull Vijayakar’s Acute Expert System (PAES). Dr. Prafull Vijayakar’s Acute Expert System (PAES) is Dr. Prafull Vijayakar’s everlasting accomplished work as an homeopathic expert system created out of essence of experience of 30 years of homoeopathic medical practice of Dr. Prafull Vijayakar.

The software has:

  • Acute Expert System
  • Stand alone and integrated versions available
  • Quick one liners for differentiation of 2 closely related remedies
  • Cured cases of Dr. Vijayakar’s and his team
  • Learn Art & Science of reaching genetic similimum and curing patients
  • Easy referencing and searching of entire database
  • Comparing two remedies
  • Text to speech
  • Link to Forum where you can share your cases with other members of the predictive homoeopathy community
  • Online technical support and upgrades

One Pillule is more than sufficient for Cure ………

Learn the art and science of reaching genetic similimum and curing patients

Manage your patients efficiently with Dr. Prafull Vijayakar’s everlasting accomplished work for Cure and results.

Vast knowledge base of Dr. Vijayakar is available in the software under following headings.

  • The Acute Expert System assures results in all acute cases
  • Helps you to arrive at the right remedy axis in acute conditions
  • Case sensitive explanation and popup Question bank to ask desired questions
  • Gives Practical hints
  • Allows Assessment of Thermal, Axis, Thirst, Cure, Remedy
  • Included are the Cured cases Dr. Prafull Vijayakar’s Predictive Homoeopathy method
  • Genetic level case taking & analysis
  • Case taking Proforma
  • History taking – Chronic diseases
  • Question bank – to be asked before prescription
  • Genetic level prescribing
  • Case taking in pediatrics
  • Ready reference of terminologies used by predictive school of homoeopathy
  • Seven layers of suppression and its management
  • Scientific explanations of golden rules, when to prescribe – when not to prescribe
  • Remedy relationship with helpful hints to manage cases

Following information is available in a format easy to access, refer and apply clinically


  • Organon
  • Aphorisms and its application in practice
  • Learn how to be a better doctor
  • Learn single dose classical treatment
  • Enbryology
  • Embryology and suppression chart
  • Embryology and Hering’s law
  • Embryology and Miasm
  • Applied physiology
  • Endocrinology
  • Physiognomy and Homoeopathy
  • Usefulness of study of Body and Pathology
  • Case taking
  • Case analysis
  • How to follow up a case
  • Management of one sided diseases
  • Do’s and Dont’s for the patients
  • Learn scientific explanation of Golden rules
  • When not to prescribe and yet cure is a hidden art of homoeopathic practice

Health and Cure

  • Become a single remedy prescriber
  • Definition of health
  • Showing how right remedy can reverse the disease process
  • Five elements
  • Learn the golden rules of prescribing – potency and repetition
  • Directions of cure
  • Charts of hot and chilly remedies, thirsty and thirstless, diligent non diligent remedies
  • Helpful hints to manage cases

Suppression and Immunity

  • Seven layers of suppression and its management
  • Recognize reason of Suppression
  • Immunity and Homoeopathy
  • Vaccines and Vaccinosis
  • Theory of suppression & progress of disease
  • Reasons for suppressions
  • Direction of Cure
  • Miasmatic chart of suppression with complete details
  • Defense mechanism of living being & many more


  • What can cause disease?
  • Flow during disease and suppression
  • Diseases are Defense mechanism
  • Cell’s defenses at work
  • Learn about Vaccines & Vaccinosis
  • Understand what is genetics
  • What is genetic based homoeopathy
  • Genetics of Sycosis
  • Genetics of Cancer
  • Miasm and its reflection in diseases

Materia Medica

  • Materia Medica of different remedies
  • Comparison and differentiation of remedies
  • Many remedies and its deeper understanding for prescription
  • Remedies and its clinical understanding and application to the cases
  • Practical Materia Medica
  • Brain dominance and Materia Medica
  • Many quick references in the form of Charts and filters
  • Suppression and Immunity


  • Understand the behavioral pattern of the miasm
  • Miasms and Hering’s law of cure
  • Miasms and its reflections in disease
  • Embryology & Miasms
  • Physical diseases of Psora, Sycosis & Syphilis
  • Mental conditions / symptoms of Psora, Sycosis & Syphilis
  • Dreams and Miasms
  • Material body cell and miasm
  • Defense vis-a-vis miasm
  • Acute Psora
  • Miasms and Genetics
  • Miasmatic constitution
  • Birth Miasm
  • Additional Miasm
  • Mixed Miasms
  • Behavioural patterns of all 3 miasms
  • Remedies and their miasms
  • Ageing
  • Miasms and Hering’s law of Cure
  • Psoric, Sycotic, Syphilitic rubrics
  • Arrive at the genetic constitutional similimum

Cure is not the disappearance of symptoms……….. It is Genetic Similimum

It guides you to a correct similimum in an acute condition and it is easy to get results. It encompasses the art and science of reaching genetic similimum and curing the patients the RIGHT way.

It also includes Cured cases by Dr. Prafull Vijayakar and his team, Easy referencing of the compiled data on key topics such as Suppressions, Miasms, Materia Medica, Case Taking, Follow-up, Charts and Clinical tips, All important books written by Dr. Prafull Vijayakar and his followers, as they are, 5 most important repertories and 14 most referred Materia Medica books and patient management system.

Handling acute cases with Homeopathy is not any more difficult, says HOMPATH.

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    • Dear Dr Gupta, if you are already using the Hompath software then please contact your vendor or directly write to Hompath for demonstration of Dr Prafull Vijayakar’s expert system.


  1. Dear Sir — I am glad to see the details about your software with interest. Just for my perusal please advise me its price. I think Mind Technologies are taking care of your marketing. Presently I am using Hompath MD.

    With best regards

    Sincerely yours
    Dr. Sayeed Ahmad

    • Dear Dr Sayeed Ahmad Ji

      Thanks visiting this site.

      You can purchase the Dr. Prafull Vijayakar Expert System from Hompath website, they will send you a link from where you can download the software.

      Enjoy Homeopathy Softwares.

      Warm Regards

  2. Dear Dr

    How i can have this system in PAKISTAN .Is there body taking care of this software?? Pl guide me so that i can work on this software.

    Best Regards


    • Dear Dr Azhar

      You can purchase the Dr. Prafull Vijayakar Expert System from Hompath website, they will send you a link from where you can download the software.

      After installing the software one activation code will be generated by your system, you have to send that activation code to Hompath and in return they will be giving you a unique code. Add that code in your system and the software will start working.

      Enjoy Homeopathy Softwares in your practice.


  3. Hello, i think that i saw you visited my weblog thus i came to “return the favor”.I’m attempting to find things to improve my web site!I suppose its ok to use some of your ideas!!

  4. Dear Dr. Anil,
    I´m very interested in your softwhare (PAES).I would like to know where and how to buy it (and what it cost).

    Kind Regards,
    Dr. Antunes

  5. I have had nothing but problems trying to get hompath to replace my faulty software. I have sent over 100 Emails & they choose to ignore my complaint. They were quick to take my money but not so quick to fix or replace my faulty software.

  6. @Dr.misbahuddin khan-You can give me a call on +91 8080923344 to know the purchase procedure.
    @dr.Prashant- Our software is compatible with all versions of Windows and not android.we have an Application about the clinical tips which runs on android OS.
    @dr.Dr.madan- You can give me a call on +91 8080923344 to know the purchase procedure.

  7. please send details about the PSES software , how much its cost and how to purchase ….to my mail….

  8. Sir, please the information regarding….. Dr.Profull vijayekar PAES software, its cost and how purchase proceedure to my mail….


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