Mercurius by Cira Homeopathy

Mercurius Homeopathic software is a modern repertorization and materia medica software for homeopathic practitioners, providing the highest quality information on which you can base your prescriptions. Mercurius supports a range of repertories (including the most advanced Complete Repertory 2012 from Roger van Zandvoort) and thousands of pages of materia medicae.

Most important features:

  • combines repertory, materia medica and the patient management system in a single piece of software
  • provides compensated repertory model for all supported repertories
  • all supported Materia Medicae are fully integrated, spellchecked and corrected
  • superior searching capabilities of the symptoms with the best-in-the-industry support of synonyms
  • book-style tree-structured repertory
  • unlimited number of desktops – offer possibility to evaluate a case from different points of view
  • unlimited number of symptoms for analysis
  • grouping symptoms (creation of superrubrics)
  • user symptoms support
  • positive and negative filtering of the remedies
  • families of remedies support
  • various strategies of the evaluation of the symptoms
  • detailed analysis of symptoms and remedies
  • synthetic Materia Medica with the support of comparison of the remedies
  • easy to use


Why exactly Mercurius stands out of the crowd:

  • Very affordable pricing. Check out the best deal in homeopathic softwares.
  • Combines repertory, materia medica and the patient management system in a single piece of homeopathic software.
  • Is the first homeopathic software in the world to release the latest Complete Repertory 2012.
  • Features 100 000+ pages of spellchecked, corrected and unified Materia Medicae, including works of Vermeulen and Scholten.
  • Provides compensated repertory model for all supported repertories.
  • Features outstanding searching capabilities for both repertory and materia medica. (seearticles)
  • Designed by people who have been working for years as computer professionals, yet also practice homeopathy – it has the best of both worlds.
  • Built on modern technologies, combines ease of use and superior performance.


To date, Mercurius has users in 70 countries.

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