Message from Kent Homeopathic Associates

MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks are very dear to all of us. They are sophisticated yet easy to use and elegant. We use them daily and they have helped us all in our respective practices, research and studies. Created by David Warkentin, in 1986, these programs established the world standard for homeopathic software.

After the passing of David in September 2010, we were all anxious about what would happen to the programs. David’s friend, Vajra, took over the company in July 2011 and has capably maintained company operations until now. It was clear that the programs were in need of additional homeopathic support and upgrading and Vajra diligently sought to deliver the programs back into the hands of the homeopathic community so that they could be upgraded, developed and nurtured in a manner that David would have liked.

We also gratefully acknowledge the tremendous job done by Vajra and the dedicated staff of KHA, Beth, Bill, Tracy, Linda and Hiro and Nathalie who have given so much of their time and effort to continue operations as well as development, sales, customer service and technical support during the last 20 months.

The community has responded to this challenge and Dr. Rajan Sankaran now leads a dedicated group of well-known homeopaths to continue developing MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks.

The first priority will be to upgrade them to be fully compatible with Apple’s LION OS for our Macintosh users.

This is an ambitious project because it demands the rewriting of substantial portions of both programs. We are expecting to begin work shortly and estimate that realistically it will take until at least the end of 2012 or beginning of 2013 to complete. As work progresses we will be providing periodic updates with the goal of releasing Lion compatible versions of both MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks for the benefit of all our Mac users.

Of course, future development will not be confined just to Mac versions and we intend to nurture and develop all the features of both programs for our PC users, too, rendering them even more useful. Big developments are on the way.

Tomer Harel, the Chairman of the Israeli Association for Classical Homeopathy has been named KHA’s new CEO and has been very closely associated with David and the company (Kent Homeopathic Associates) since 2002.

The objective going forward is to continue development of these wonderful programs, used by many of the best homeopaths in the world, with the active participation of the whole community and its teachers and leaders. The best minds in homeopathy will work together in order to ensure that the programs evolve and become even more useful than ever before.

The homeopathic community has come forward to help continue the legacy of David’s magnificent creations for the benefit of all of us. The undersigned have all readily extended their enthusiastic support for the continued development of the programs. We thank you for your ongoing faith in KHA and look forward to an exciting future with you.

The following friends of homeopathy have pledged their ongoing support…

Abdul Hayy
Jo Daly
Nadia Bakir
Alize Timmerman
Joerg Wichman
Nancy Herrick
Andreas Holling
John Morgan
Oded Magen
Paresh Vasani
Anne Schadde
Julie Geraghty
Penny Edwards
Barbara Seideneck
Judyth Ullman
Pierre Fontaine
Bhawisha Joshi
Juergen Hansel
Rajan Sankaran
Betty Wood
Juergen Weiland
Rina Markovits
Cheryl Feng
Krista Heron
Robert Gramlich
David Mundy
Laurie Dack
Robert Ullman
Declan Hammond
Louis Klein
Roger Morrison
Dinesh Chauhan
Mahesh Gandhi
Roger Van Zandvoort
Divya Chhabra
Massimo Mangialavori
Schachindra Joshi
Elia Onne
Frances Treuherz
Melanie Grimes
Sudhir Baldota
Grant Bentley
Melissa Fairbanks
Sujit Chatterjee
Harry Van der Zee
Michal Yakir
Mike Keszler
Susan Sonz
Tomer Harel
Jan Scholten
Janet Snowdon
Miranda Castro
Mirsada Vins
Vajra Matusow
Vega Rozenberg
Jayesh Shah
Misha Norland
Willie Neuhold

I feel the homeopathic fraternity would remain indebted to David for his marvelous innovation – MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks.

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