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Marketing of medical and homeopathic softwares

I feel “Marketing” is such a difficult job that usually makes software developers perplexed, and you need to have some agency to market your software products in different geographical locations on this earth. Gradually, developers have dealers, sub-dealers and agents to market, sale and support of their softwares in general and medical and homeopathic softwares in particular.

Recently, I received an email regarding “Marketing of medical and homeopathic softwares”. If anyone is interested, you can contact the below-mentioned person. Well, this is just for information only.

Marketing of medical and homeopathic softwares Email

Dear Sir,

We like to introduce ourselves as the pioneer in the field of Providing Marketing of All types of Medical, Homeopathic Software and other Products.

If you are interested to provide Marketing of your Products in our region then kindly send us its information of your all Products.

The way our marketing is that our main object is to link the manufacturer with the consumer directly because of we have the potential links with Hospitals, Doctors, Industries, Homeopathic Colleges, Stockiest, Distributor and Dealers. What so ever items are sold to the consumer supplied by the manufacturer directly or through us we shall be entitled for the commission to be settled mutually in our area.

We like to introduce your products throughout the markets in our area direct to the consumers & dealers on behalf of you ON COMMISSION BASIS ONLY AND WE WORK AS A FREE LANCER.

We shall collect the payment from the Hospitals, Doctors, Industries, Homeopathic Colleges, Stockiest, Distributor and Dealers on behalf of you and the same will be forwarded to you. Our Commission stands with you directly or indirectly in our area. You are entitled to make the supplies against their requirements from time to time. The Billing will be done directly by you.


We therefore shall be looking forward most expectantly to have your considerable response. For more information please feel free to contact with me at my given following number.

Thanks with Regards.



E-MAIL: palsofttools@gmail.com
E-MAIL: palsystems@rediffmail.com


P.S.: I do not have any affiliation with this company.

Dr. Anil Singhal

Marketing of medical and homeopathic softwares
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Last updated on January 19th, 2012 at 1:55 am.
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  1. dr jignesh hirapara :

    I need predictive acute expert system by dr prafull vijayakar…,

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